Comments on justin performance optimization studies excerpt
commentson 23 October 2004 : 19:40, James sez:

You seem more focused on how focused you are on your projects, rather than actually focused on your projects.

commentson 24 October 2004 : 10:27, madsax sez:

Sounds like a great idea! (Says Mark, who sat down to write some technical documents, but currently has windows open for audioscrobbler,, underclocking, and his web server's BIOS download page.)
Hmmmm. :-)

commentson 24 October 2004 : 14:29, robin sez:

I disagree w/James. Posts reflect the focus, but so do the non-posts!

Seeing your header unchanged this week - I smiled. Your schoolprojectfocuswonder is a happy thought for me (now at the tail end of that comet, where wonder fades in anticipation of a return to the world of non-scholars).

Cannot wait to see you this weekend. Our dinner conversations in Vancouver will brim with novelty!

commentson 1 November 2004 : 19:21, steve sez:

Will the public ever see the full version of this project?

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