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commentson 8 October 2004 : 10:51, EthanB sez:

"To whom much is given, much is expected"
Why did we go to Swarthmore? You are Yoda to some... Is this what happens when the force of the novelty of the net is gone?

To what should I attribute the political black hole on Video games? Don't you think you could make a difference? Where's the Justin with the signed one-hitter? Remember the old days of 1992? Trent Reznor. Head Like a Hole. Shouldn't that be re-released as a single? How about Rage Against the Machine (thanks Onion)... Killing In The Name Of.... Lyrics strong as ever. I mention those because those are the songs from Swarthmore. What might it take to get those energies to return for a month? Where's raging wild Justin?! Or was he just a misconception I had...? Justin and Jerry sailing to Cuba...Even more, where are Justin's raging friends who used to spur on the liberal drive? Shouldn't some old-school Spacebar people being bugging you about this? Are those days relegated to Orkut communities now or something? Rally cats rally!!!

Keep on rocking.

commentson 9 October 2004 : 13:56, Joao sez:

I agree, you should work on getting more political and forget about all those silly video games! :-)

commentson 9 October 2004 : 18:52, Taylor sez:

C'mon guys, let Justin be the kid inside us all.
Let's enjoy life!

commentson 9 October 2004 : 23:45, Carmen sez:

Where willpower fails, hypnosis works.
There is no try.

commentson 10 October 2004 : 11:20, Kevin sez:

You need to work on "I don't think" too. :)

commentson 10 October 2004 : 11:59, Liz sez:

Political might still be in your future Justin. People change as they get older. I don't rule it out for you, but in the meantime everyone has the right to be where they are for right now.

BTW, I listen to RATM in my car all the time as anyone who has riden with me will tell you.

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