Comments on Having It All
commentson 6 October 2004 : 19:21, Taylor sez:

"And a sharp ache in my abdomen when I move around, urinate or laugh!"

Watch out Justin. It could be stress. Or is it love?

commentson 6 October 2004 : 20:22, justin sez:

Is it a knife? Or a kitten?

commentson 6 October 2004 : 22:15, Mark-Paul sez:

Perhaps you are working out too much. Too much concentrated ab work can cause a sharp pain. Here's what I want you to do: back off on working out quite so much. Limit your daily exercise regimen to no more than 1 hour...

commentson 6 October 2004 : 23:39, Mike B. sez:

Ha ha. Justin moves to LA and suddenly he worries about his abs. Whoops, never mind. I count carbs.

At least you know how to enjoy the moment.

commentson 7 October 2004 : 02:43, sojun ikkyu sez:

Ye reckon ye had enough now, boy? Or aint all ever enough when it werent nothin but movin real fast?

commentson 7 October 2004 : 09:19, Joao sez:

You can have your cake and eat it too. No need to cound calories. But sometimes the cake runs out.. I heard once "We are never really truly happy in life but go through moments of happiness"

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