Comments on Eyeing a Boring October
commentson 29 September 2004 : 12:41, Nate sez:

Take a break, guy. Life's too short to rush through...

I'm taking a vacation next week. Unfortunately I have to replace a kitchen floor. Fortunately the tenants are moving in Monday so it forces me to get it done with a whole week left over.

And I have nothing planned. Cancelled my cell-phone account, locked away the key to my PO Box, and hung out the Hammock. Time to read a good book or two before the New England winter sets in.
And if it rains, time to finish Silent Hill 4.

I can't wait to do nothing!

commentson 29 September 2004 : 13:15, madsax sez:

hey man,
I can't coerce your video to play. might be broken?
Nice seeing you in Tokyo!

commentson 29 September 2004 : 16:23, Katherine sez:

hi there . . . I haven't been by in a while . . . looks like I missed a lot :) I'm back in school, too . . . moved my locale, as well . . . change change on the wind . . . oh, and congrats on pulling off your superduper multiptasking extravaganza :)

commentson 29 September 2004 : 18:54, Taylor sez:

I wish I could go to this shoot.

Have fun anyway man.

commentson 30 September 2004 : 01:24, Francesco sez:


I can't play the video, maybe the file is broken or something...can you check?
Ciao from Roma :)

commentson 30 September 2004 : 03:30, Pete Barr-Watson sez:

same video probs for me - did you use a strange codec maybe?

commentson 30 September 2004 : 09:36, Howard sez:

You are going to learn to say no to inessential and time-consuming (if attractive) offers if you are going to make it through grad school. This is the specific instance of the generalization: "Completing a masters degree program will require concentration and focus."

Yeah, sure, you can more-or-less vaguely generalize that allowing X hours of your life to be {occupied|contributed|stolen} by a student film crew in your house {or any other such activity -- and there will be infinite opportunities for distraction} is related to your overall goal. But will you achieve your overall goal if you are unable to say "no" to related but inessential activities?

Stay tuned! $10K at stake!

commentson 30 September 2004 : 09:38, howard sez:

Holy moley! No sooner do I post something about inessential activities than I learn you are personally previewing every comment. Turn off comments, use the MT blacklist, or get someone else to do this, Justin. This IS an inessential activity.

How many hours are there in a day? How many of them are you going to assign to inessential tasks?

Can I get in on this $10K bet?

commentson 30 September 2004 : 22:17, Kim sez:


Was great meeting you in Japan and having dinner/drinks. Found your blog. (I'm gonna have to get into all this stuff the kids are doin' these days). Sounds like you are spreading it a little thin. Careful. Better to do a good job at a few things than a half-arsed job at many (get it? Full-arsed work only!)

commentson 1 October 2004 : 20:07, Taylor sez:

Watch out for advice Justin.

Advice is a form of nostalgia.

Nobody really knows.

(no offence Howard)

commentson 1 October 2004 : 22:29, C(h)ristine sez:


What an amazing pace! I was doing the same -- but after a rough week last week...I've been cutting down the "inessentials" (as Howard puts it).

Quit my paying job, trying to figure out where I can gain time to channel back into school and my creative writing pursuits.

I hope you have a peaceful October -- it is a beautiful time of year, and here's to watching the leaves turn color.

commentson 2 October 2004 : 14:40, Howard sez:

Taylor, here's the thing: Justin follows the most recent advice he's been given. I didn't make him that way. If the person he runs into in a bar, or crossing the street, or who comments in his blog have their licks at pointing him in the next direction he's going to charge, I feel like I gotta join the fun! How long do you think those fresh-baked dumplings are going to seem all that attractive, for example? What if he had been busted for something and SENTENCED to have a film crew in his house for weeks, CONSTANTLY COOKING DUMPLINGS?

commentson 2 October 2004 : 21:23, C(h)ristine sez:

It would make for interesting blog reading...iMovies of dumplings and frenetic film crews, Justin holed up in his bathroom, the only place he's staked out with privacy in his own house!

commentson 4 October 2004 : 19:25, stef sez:

yeah: love the film: love the subway beginnings!!! been working with a visually impaired film maker from Motreal, Arun. if you get to canada, you should hook up with him.

sousveillance 252.jpg

this is him hanging out with a certain steve cannon down in NYC talking about filming blind. they are outside the Nuyorican poets cafe chit chatting and talking about criminals and embezzelments that involve a certain Bob Holman: thats Julio, the door man who is starting the rumors...well, from this picture, i'm not sure.


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