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commentson 25 September 2004 : 11:45, James sez:

Good entry, Justin.

commentson 26 September 2004 : 08:39, phil sez:

well, i really must say that was a great post. nobody has said it, so i figure it might be worth mentioning.

i saw justin speak once, very close to home (vita:fwp), and he talked about how technology changed his life, and what it means to be able to have your own presence online. this notion of changing the world often seems so ego-centric, although i find "having a life" (of consumption and fun) could be considered even more so... IF YOU ARN'T CONTRIBUTING to others! and justin, that's what you point out so well when you say making worthwhile media. making the content count. filling your days with meaningfull interaction. making interaction meaningfull. replenishing humanities creative spirit to interconnect in which every way possible. sometimes, even, with a strap-on!

commentson 27 September 2004 : 12:27, Mike sez:

Meatbags, but brilliantly designed meatbags.

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