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commentson 25 August 2004 : 09:12, Judy sez:

Wow! Such purging! What are we going to do with all of our old computer parts now?

commentson 25 August 2004 : 12:42, 5000! sez:

Awwww, man! I've been looking for a ][e. Oh well, I wouldn't have been able to relieve you of the pile in it's entirety anyway and it's not like I can't find one on eBay.

Congratulations on all the house progress. Delmy and I are in escrow and close in a few weeks so I've been reading your remodeling memoirs closely. I don't think we'll be able to do quite the amount of work that you did, but it should be interesting.

commentson 26 August 2004 : 06:12, Jimbo sez:

Not surpised those shelves fell buddy boy. Unless they were screwed into joists they were bound to collapse.

get a stud/joist finder ( nifty electronic scanner type gizmo, ive got two for some reason, one goes beep), locate the joist, then screw your shelves into those.

Usually about 18 inches apart.


commentson 26 August 2004 : 18:24, Taylor sez:

"USC appears to be amply stocked with conventionally-attractive young women in tight, short summertime clothes."

You know what to do Justin. Go get em' tiger!


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