Comments on friends of aggressive opitimism
commentson 23 August 2004 : 06:46, Ethan B sez:

19 years old for life baby.

commentson 23 August 2004 : 07:50, Liza sez:

Maybe this is a stupid question but have you been vacuming and/or sweeping? It helps a lot.

My fathers rental house had a fire Sept. 8th which gutted the place. You couldn't sweep enough. We would sweep the whole house, come back the next day and there would be more black dust on the floor. It took months of sweeping till we got the dirt and dust under control.

commentson 23 August 2004 : 08:41, rc sez:

hey justin, how much do the guys at house of hardwood charge for a bench like that? I'm in the market for some custom furniture as well.

commentson 23 August 2004 : 12:52, C(h)ristine sez:

Classes start for me on WEdnesday -- spent the morning today "checking in" at school today with the rest of the graduate student population.

Woo! How excited are you?! And I'm glad to see the renovations are almost all complete -- or at least, that you're moving on to new complexities. :)

commentson 24 August 2004 : 12:51, robin sez:

I am also an agressive optimist - and I swear by it. Nothing gets shit done like the belief that it's necessary to do it ALL RIGHT NOW. I'd even go as far as to say that my energy is something that most people fine refreshing, most of the time.

But it isn't cheap, and it leaves a sizable footprint. In the times that my can-do attitude becomes grating, trying or downright psychotic, I rely on my friends to tell me to chill. And sometimes, I actually listen.

It already sounds like you're contemplating a more realistic and healthy timeline. Let it happen. The last thing you want to do is get sick again - especially before more travel and scholarly demands.

If it helps - think of your moving in as a relationship. You wouldn't want to marry someone after just three weeks of fucking and staying up into the wee hours talking, would you? That part is great - but there's a longer, more refined process of learning and sharing that makes a long-term relationship work. You need time to get to know your space. Be patient with yourself, and it!

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