Comments on night moves
commentson 24 July 2004 : 12:13, Mike B. sez:

This reminds me a bit of the piece you wrote about the lights-out orgy. (I forget the actual name of the event.)

In my opinion, (sycophancy aside) you have the potential to be one of the better writers of our generation. For some reason, I find that your work involving sex is the best. Why? I dunno. Maybe I say that because I'm a pervert. Yet, I'm not sexually stimulated by your semi-blue stuff. What impresses me most about it, is that as a writer, *both* of your heads are at full attention as you relate the story. You're fully engaged.

Last week I got laid and I wanted to shout it from the rooftops. Of course, I could never get away with that. You could.

commentson 25 July 2004 : 13:29, Liz sez:

Haha! Congrats Mike on your lastest lay. I agree with your post and Justin I find these posts to be terribly original. It's just not the type of subject matter I see often. Your letting the reader peek through your bedroom window. Now granted, some people will have no interest in peeking, but it is original and fresh.

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