Comments on peacock feathers
commentson 13 July 2004 : 12:11, pissed in vegas sez:

what a lame entry!

commentson 13 July 2004 : 18:15, James sez:

I agree, Justin. That sucked. Please try to do better next time; we're judging each word you write and assessing its worth carefully.

We don't like second-rate entries.

That's two thumbs down.

commentson 14 July 2004 : 00:42, Werner sez:

You should've gone for it Justin :-)

commentson 14 July 2004 : 04:00, hokwind sez:

dude yu are starting to look like frakenstein

commentson 14 July 2004 : 04:37, run sez:

why do you find something you are not used to lame?

commentson 14 July 2004 : 07:26, Nick Gray sez:

Are you guys serious?
I really liked this entry. It was a lot better than that Poe song (Hey Pretty).

commentson 14 July 2004 : 13:14, alison sez:

Totally unrelated-you never delivered those oysters dude. How's a girl supposed to recuperate without some oyster love, eh? EH?

commentson 14 July 2004 : 22:30, jose sez:

hey. i liked this post, too. mostly coz i have felt that way once or twice, too- like you're swimming in a different reality than a person whose company you share, if only for a few hours.

commentson 15 July 2004 : 22:18, Russ sez:

Excellent post, Justin. Human interaction is so interesting and this is a great first-person account. Keep on drivin'!

commentson 19 July 2004 : 17:40, Holly sez:

>>Some people seem attracted to me but I don't feel I could take responsibility for them as I feel I should after anything involving fertile fluids.

I really liked this line. But the post was depressing...

I put my cat to sleep yesterday, so reading depressing things isn't a good idea for me right now.

But the Nantucket post was happy... except for the gross scrape on your shoulder made bright red by the magic of cathode ray tubes.

- Holly

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