Comments on volunteers of the evening
commentson 2 July 2004 : 01:07, justin sez:

I've been experimenting with some new software to post to my web site - in this case, ecto. It turns the comments off. By accident! I'll get to the bottom of this.

commentson 2 July 2004 : 07:46, mike sez:

And them makes comments appear twice?

commentson 2 July 2004 : 12:12, maani sez:

plzz show me that website

commentson 2 July 2004 : 14:52, roBin sez:

Why volunteer for causes late at night - when you could be playing a game of chess where the pieces have sex?

You own a Mac now - I think it's your duty as a conscientious American to buy it.

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