Comments on pre-karaoke
commentson 28 June 2004 : 13:31, eric sez:

that took me right back to living in LA. i had nights like that all the time when i lived up in the hollywood hills, and only once or twice in the four years since i moved up to berkeley.

commentson 29 June 2004 : 13:10, Howard sez:

Have y'all noticed that the percentage of posts mentioning the consumption of alcohol has shot way up since the move to L.A? There's the lemonade and Jack post, the marijuana and beer post, the six tequilas post, the handed her a Bud post. That's about the amount of alcohol I drink annually! Oh man, I wish my liver was young again -- and I hope this isn't a new diet for our protagonist. Considering family history, and all.

commentson 29 June 2004 : 13:42, Brian sez:

Apropos of nothing other than the general move to LA, I'd like to point you to this article in the Chronicle of Higher Ed a friend passed along to me. Now you're one of us...

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