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commentson 17 May 2004 : 22:42, e sez:

this must sound incredibly naive...are you circumcised?
just wondering as I cant tell. not that its important...

commentson 18 May 2004 : 00:56, Mom sez:

My only question now is who wrote your last two entries for you? xoxoxox

commentson 18 May 2004 : 00:56, Mom sez:

My only question now is who wrote your last two entries for you? xoxoxox

commentson 18 May 2004 : 01:54, um, or something sez:

I'm only just catching on to all this. His application was, like, *way* overdue. What reason do we have left to believe that he actually went to all those varied locations that he shows in his pict-- or, um. No, no, no, but have you ever noticed that he never mentions his family's modest affluence? Yet another example. Sorry to bring down the house of cards, but I've just discovered that Justin is middle class. As in, *bourgeois.* You'd never suspect from his affected online persona, would you? But I have the sordid proof in black and white right here on his websi-- yeah. OK. But he's still middle class. Which is just, like, so inherently inauthentic, you know? Yeah. Why don't you take your ass back to the other side of 8 Mile, Justin? There ain't no such thing as halfway crooks.

commentson 18 May 2004 : 01:58, Rudy sez:

thunder of silence
questions barbed assault the gate
mountain Hall stands strong

commentson 18 May 2004 : 07:43, Patricio Lopez sez:


commentson 18 May 2004 : 08:10, qbcnukkah sez:

scared to death and scared to look, livin the life that are diamonds and guns, theres numerous ways you can choose to earn funds, some get shot locked down or turn nuns, cowardly hearts and straight up shoot ones.

commentson 18 May 2004 : 08:18, sez:

Ha! This is the funniest post yet. I especially like, "Hall was seen standing still and listening..."

I don't know Justin, but I've been a reader since 1998. Great fun.

commentson 18 May 2004 : 10:53, jerkyboy sez:

Hey Justin,
Maybe you haven't figured it out, but we're doing fine without you around here. This latest post--not badly composed I might add--plays the same tune as your previous post. You're getting repetitive-- one more post and nobody'll be laughing any more. Give it a rest, and let the crowd have the site. It would be nice if some of the old posters came back, too--Stan, modesty, om-- where are you guys? Let's have some more of the old exploring and arguing about blog ethics, grammar, truth, and lies. Justin-- pipe down! You're just distracting us.

commentson 18 May 2004 : 11:25, manga sez:

Give the guy a break...he's a sagittarious for god's sake.

commentson 18 May 2004 : 11:36, surfrider sez:

now where did i put my reality?
...i sure i nailed it down somewhere round here.....
damn thing must have been confused with something else...


commentson 18 May 2004 : 12:16, Miss M sez:

Have you checked between the couch cushions? After a long night (of drunken dillusion) I sometimes find it there nestled with the (loosely held desire for) change and condom wrappers.

commentson 18 May 2004 : 12:29, souris sez:

justin, once you've settled down in LA, you should interview with the simpsons writing staff. too funny. good luck.

commentson 18 May 2004 : 13:31, Witz sez:

Hey Magna, I'm a Sagittarius - why do we deserve a break?

commentson 18 May 2004 : 18:17, delia sez:

justin, the first faux-news bit was pretty funny. a second one is just repetitive. anyways, i have been your avid reader since 96 and please do continue. no more dumby news coverage mkay! blessings.

commentson 19 May 2004 : 10:12, Amy sez:

i love the way Justin is handling this! Asperger's Syndrome or no, a good sense of humor is an invaluable aid to health. And happiness. Yeah.

commentson 19 May 2004 : 10:47, kitty farmer sez:

delia, sometimes i doubt your commitment to perhaps rearrange the furniture towards the love-end of the lifeline. we can't have any anger prisoners here.

commentson 19 May 2004 : 15:23, No Name sez:

This is fitting. This is not the first time he has tried to scam us on his fake "alternative lifestyle." Oh, by the way, the real Justin Hall is 39 years old. That's one more lie to add to the list.


commentson 19 May 2004 : 18:40, or... sez:

He's 24.

He's 6'0.

He's got diabetes.

He went to Western Washington University.

He's an inanimate object.

His pants are on fire...

commentson 19 May 2004 : 19:11, Liz sez:

Leave it to a fellow Sagittarius. Rock on Justin!

Ps. I finally got some pillows up for sale, check them out. ;)

commentson 20 May 2004 : 04:41, Rude sez:

Doctor Hall explains it all here :
"There is a chilliness in the air about sunset, in spring, which often makes even grown persons, in good health, uncomfortable in mind and body..."

commentson 20 May 2004 : 17:30, Mike B. sez:

Screw what other people think.

commentson 20 May 2004 : 19:56, yea dog sez:

fuck what other people think!

commentson 20 May 2004 : 20:19, nubchai sez:

You know I think Justin would make a cute woman. Does anyone else notice the feminine qualities of his face? Maybe that's another secret that's being kept ~ hmmmmmmmm

commentson 21 May 2004 : 13:40, J.Scott Barnard sez:

Cats and dogs, living together!

I miss Justin. If that's really who he was and not some talibcommunist sleeper agent...

Don't go towards the light!

commentson 21 May 2004 : 15:29, sez:

this may be naive, but, it never crossed my mind that Justin could be lying about his life.

omitting some truths, sure. but outright lying, i never thunk it.

commentson 24 May 2004 : 20:21, Howard sez:

Justin, I've been waiting a long time for this moment. The time has come for you to obtain a book titled "The Diceman" by an author named "Luke Rhinehart," and a pair of dice. Trust me on this. It's far more personal and daring than steering your advice by whatever the latest person you met told you. TMOT. The Diceman. Luke Rhinehart. Do it.

commentson 25 May 2004 : 17:31, Carlo Suares sez:

Why have you been waiting a long time for this moment, Howard?

commentson 25 May 2004 : 20:29, Howard Rheingold sez:

Because I've long suspected that Justin would reach a point where throwing dice would be approximately as rational as the other means he uses to make decisions.

commentson 26 May 2004 : 14:01, Miss M sez:

There are some who might argue if the path is unclear, throwing dice is in general as rational as any other means of decision making.

commentson 30 May 2004 : 12:56, Outlandish Josh sez:

Is Justin Hall is the 21st Century Citizen Kane? The best has yet to come...

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