Comments on applying myself
commentson 4 May 2004 : 20:05, Guava sez:

I liked reading the one about your neighbor. Good luck.

commentson 5 May 2004 : 05:51, al campanis sez:

I'm dying to know how the "Oliver the splindy negro who i graciously befriended" essay goes over.

commentson 7 May 2004 : 00:04, brian sez:

yeah, that story about oliver is really charming and engaging. what a great guy.

i'm glad he happened to be there when i visted you in march -- he's such a fascinating guy i'm lucky to have been able to meet him that once. how sad for you to be leaving behind that place and those people! but how exciting to be making such a dramatic life change, too...

commentson 9 May 2004 : 09:33, ian sez:

hey justin ~ tres chic site!

just think: looks like you'll win that long term bet, congrats!

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