Comments on MayDay's
commentson 4 May 2004 : 01:09, Tim sez:

Chilling out, meeting people, dropping a few names and takin' a few at its best

Just passing through dude


commentson 4 May 2004 : 06:13, Lulu sez:

planning a visit to your neice soon? you gotta get a haircut!

commentson 7 May 2004 : 08:38, Rachel sez:


The next time you make roasted chicken, put some double layered foil over the breast, that way the legs will cook, and the breast will not cook as quickly.

Good luck in LA, I will miss you, even though I have never met you.

commentson 8 May 2004 : 19:59, nubchai sez:

Man your brother is BIG!!

commentson 23 May 2004 : 12:27, leyla sez:

wow, what an interesting and bizarre person. incidentally, my roommate from college 'cured' herself of autism with 2 years of the raw-food diet and ashtanga yoga. she is an infinitely happier person now. not to imply that you're not happy. i'm just sayin.

anyway, best of luck in los angeles. everyone has a head shot down there, man.


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