Comments on I'll Make You a Bet, Chester
commentson 27 April 2004 : 02:13, Werner sez:

Best of luck!

commentson 27 April 2004 : 04:15, Adam sez:

Come and do an MBA/MA over here,
GLOCOM's "parent" university.


commentson 27 April 2004 : 08:20, liza sez:

Maybe I missed the post, but what do you want to study? Will it be something that can make you a living?

I just finished my BS, I was an art major so I have no clue why my school is giving me a BS. I could get a BA but that would mean one more year of german. F' that!

I know two people who went for a BS in graphic design only to now, one go for a MBA, and the other to get a certificate to teach in the state of CT.

I don't understand their reasoning behind getting the BS in GD then? Why bother? Why didn't they just go for classes that would pertain to their master studies? They both knew they didn't want to go into the field of GD, but wasted time and money getting the degree. WTF?

commentson 27 April 2004 : 14:25, sjsu gr sez:

I remember back in the day, there would always be a granny or grandpa in my college class.

These old people would ALWAYS be the best students and get their degree.

Justin will win his bet. He has forsaken wives and kids and the old dude will get his phd faster than any of us could

commentson 27 April 2004 : 20:50, billy sez:

grad school for you would be a waste of time. Why listen to boring profs and even more boring fellow grad students debate life while you COULD be out in the real world.

don't waste your time, live life! as you presently do.

commentson 28 April 2004 : 10:50, Michael sez:

Well, if you do your grad school in LA, I can donate free access to my beer and soda fridge...

commentson 2 May 2004 : 12:44, scott sez:

My brother in law wrote an entire book based on a drunken hundred pound bet. He was bet he couldn't hitchhike around all of Ireland w/in 30 days.

Good luck with yours!

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