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commentson 6 April 2004 : 13:40, Timothy Burke sez:

My brother and I spent three days in the exact same place in the fall of 2001--looks like you stayed at the same cabins we stayed at.

A lot of fun. We went out in kayaks as well as canoes.

We were there for a big parade in Folkston, which was also a real cultural event.

commentson 6 April 2004 : 16:17, Liz sez:

So you missed the other guy time for this guy time? Cool pics and I love love love those Same tee-shirts, Wilson.

commentson 6 April 2004 : 21:43, C(h)ristine sez:

Good to experience that area of Florida vicariously through you, Justin!

btw -- are those BEANS on the plates at "Waffle House"? They look like beans! For breakfast?

commentson 7 April 2004 : 05:27, wshr sez:

Gotta love the south. Lots of good, friendly non-pretentious people there.

So many idiot northern folk make fun of the south, but they miss the point. Hrm. If I ever get down there again I'll have to check out the waffle house!

commentson 7 April 2004 : 06:43, nervous12 sez:

That folkstown funnel looks like a lot of fun!

I wish we had something like that in the sf bay area. All we have are memories of Frontier Village and Santa's Village. How desperately we miss out on true, real cultural treats such as that.

commentson 8 April 2004 : 08:23, ameet sez:

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commentson 9 April 2004 : 11:29, brent sez:

Mama pajama, this picture is priceless. It should be in a museum somewhere. What camera are you using nowadays? Not still the coolpix? You have such an eye.

commentson 10 April 2004 : 09:25, J.Scott Barnard sez:

Justin, I'm from Jax and tickled almost to the point of peeing in my pants watching you guys retrieve that camera. I would have said "F*ck it!" considering how the little gators you saw have big ol' mama gators that don't like it when people are around their little ones. Always keep everything tethered to the boat, no matter how ridiculous it sounds. It's easier to pull the camera out of the water with a line of nylon string attached to it already. Anyway, glad ya'll had fun. Peace. --scott

commentson 10 April 2004 : 17:34, Cody sez:

That is a great Cooter Lake photo - so great in fact that I submitted it to

commentson 21 June 2004 : 14:05, kristoff sez:

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