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commentson 2 April 2004 : 10:10, Bill Mann sez:

Listened to the interview. Very cool. In fact, it's what propted me to come to your blog. I'll be coming back.

commentson 2 April 2004 : 10:15, Bill Mann sez:

After listening to you and visiting your blog, I'd like to send you one of our shirts. email me as to where to send it to. You can pick out your color choice and size from our website

commentson 2 April 2004 : 14:08, stefanos sez:

i like the images taken by the camera. I have a cannon elf and would like to get some visually impaired individuals to image art and post them onto a blog and to get some of steve mann's ideas running.

email me with any advice.

also making the blind persons visualpoetic available would be interesting. we have an army of spoke word artist in nyc who can help with this as well...they would teach the visually impaire artists who to be like use voice as an artistic intrument that works with the images taken. the comment by random persons on the blog could help the visually imparied person delve into the subject matter and to touch upon that collectivity of mindblogging.

commentson 2 April 2004 : 14:14, stefanos sez:

who would be like the blow into the sax of spoken poetics until the words give way to breathless contemplations of darma...trouble with steve mann understanding this concept...I think of those floating about the smart mob, you may be the one who understands this contempletive bridge with the other is Anne Waldman doing some spoken word contemplative of shadows of allen ginsberg...mann thinks I'm nuts and gets too scientific...

commentson 3 April 2004 : 05:16, warhol sez:

someone interviewed you about keeping a diary? weird.

commentson 3 April 2004 : 08:29, shady sez:

damn. i listen to WHYY all the time. i would have liked to have heard the interview. WHYY is some good radio.

you should have utilized that topica email list for this sort of thing! sometimes announcing things in a blog just isn't enough....

commentson 9 April 2004 : 11:30, justin sez:

Listen to the Interview with RealAudio

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