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commentson 31 March 2004 : 17:15, KT sez:

-8.75? that can't be right! if so you are really really blind! (I'm -6 something and I thought that was pretty bad)

commentson 31 March 2004 : 17:18, justin sez:

Yah -8.75; glasses since I was in first grade. I'm pretty blind without my glassies.

commentson 31 March 2004 : 17:25, robin sez:

Did you get a bugbite on your eye?

PS: I am avoiding a deadline as I type.

commentson 31 March 2004 : 19:04, justin sez:

hah no. the eye doctor asked why I had "cataract surgery glasses." I just had dialated pupils. Which I must mention, I find attractive in other people. Attractive and just slightly insane-looking.

commentson 31 March 2004 : 19:38, souris sez:

justin, no way! i'm -4.75 right and -4.50 left. you are legally blind right? my sister's prescription is pretty heavy and she always tells me she is indeed legally blind! we missed you loads this weekend. i'm sorry we couldn't round up! oh well, you'll have to hop on a plane and make another ny trip. we're playing poker at the studio tomorrow. i *wish* i could wear your cataract surgery glasses.

commentson 31 March 2004 : 19:40, justin sez:

those glasses would be THE BUSINESS during a poker game. no doubt. I missed you guys too - judging by your coverage, you met a great load of folks and spread your usual copious amounts of good cheer!

As for legally blind, well I just think of myself as lucky - I take my glasses off and my senses are distorted. Some people pay good money for that experience!

commentson 1 April 2004 : 12:13, Brent sez:

Omigod! That's what I do in my spare time!!! Stinky cheese and the Whole Foods chicks. What are yours like? One of mine (Lauren) looks like she belongs in a bathing suit outside a black and white striped cabana at a Seventies hotel. Another one (Jassy) keeps telling me I should see more werewolf movies. Then there's Sarah, who is in charge of the flowers. She creates a spiritual vortex. She's the Whole Foods high priestess.
It's how Life finds us, I guess. Then too, I have the ocean.

commentson 2 April 2004 : 15:24, KT sez:

yeah I have been legally blind since kindergarten too! One time on a meditation retreat my contacts were bothering me so I took them out. It made eating and walking meditation a lot better. I could only really focus on things that were 12 inches or less away from my face. Everything else looked like an impressionist painting. I've tried it a few other times since then, and I notice colors that I would not normally notice (when wearing contacts).
I also have the large-pupil thing too. People often ask me if I'm high, etc. It is kind of neat looking. I don't remember seeing that effect in your eyes before but I will take your word for it!

commentson 18 April 2004 : 15:34, amy weizman sez:

Hey there... I'd still love to see a pic of you without glasses or contacts, as I have this theory that high myopic eyes look very mysterious when uncorrected! How about a pic?

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