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commentson 29 March 2004 : 23:09, mike b. sez:

Eatin' pork chops and watchin' Matlock. Somehow, you paint such a pleasing
picture of such a simple thing. The last pork product I ate was in the magic ramen at tetsugakudou. I haven't eaten it for a couple years and the effect is almost as tortuous a going without sex for as long.

Know of comparable ramen here in the Bay Area? (Futile request, I know.)

commentson 30 March 2004 : 08:13, C(h)ristine sez:

I'm getting off-topic -- but mike b does come up with a very important question.

Where _is_ good ramen in the Bay Area?

commentson 30 March 2004 : 10:31, Ryan sez:

Anne found a great Ramen place on University near Shattuck, called Ryowa. They make their own noodles. I recommend the Soy Sauce ramen ...

"Hurry up, hurry! Each 'Matlock' could be our last.

commentson 30 March 2004 : 10:34, Ryan sez:

PS while Anne has quite a bit of experience with Tokyo restaurants herself, I am sure Ryowa does not attempts the ramen heights of Tetsugakudou.

commentson 30 March 2004 : 12:55, madsax sez:

Justin sighting - Xbox Lobby Bar at GDC. Jammin on your Treo.
Looking forward to seeing your thoughts and pics!

commentson 30 March 2004 : 14:31, Mike B. sez:

Ryan and C(h)ristine,

Thank you for sharing in my "lack of good ramen" misery. And thanks for the reference, Ryan. Will check out Ryowa, ASAP.

Justin - Sorry for bogarting the mic, here. It's your fault, since your site turned me on to tetsugakudou in the first place.

commentson 30 March 2004 : 14:35, justin sez:

No bogarting at all! Great to see some debate about Ramen. It reminds me of one of my favorite foods.

There's a decent place in downtown Oakland. Like on Clay street maybe? Near the convention center, near 10th street or so.

That restaurant is not listed here, but there's more listings in the database of San Francisco ramen joints on Mmmm ramen.

commentson 30 March 2004 : 15:10, madsax sez:

If you can stand a one-hour wait (even if you arrive right when they open), Santa Ramen in San Mateo is absolutely amazing. Their broth is the best I've had - substantial and garlicky, with a bit of oily happiness on top. Highly recommended.

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