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commentson 23 February 2004 : 14:43, Liz sez:

When I was 19, I was obsessed with Edie. I had short hair and black eyebrows. I wore huge earrings and black tights with pumps. (Read the book Edie: An American Biography) It's so funny to hear you mention her to compliment a female. I would have eaten that up with a spoon.

On the same note, my HS boyfriend fell in love with me because he thought I looked like Pat Benatar. He was obsessed with her.

commentson 23 February 2004 : 15:00, Taylor sez:


commentson 23 February 2004 : 15:22, madsax sez:

Anyone who has a poster for the movie CRASH on their wall must be pretty cool! Glad to hear you're having fun. :)

commentson 23 February 2004 : 16:12, James sez:

You need to tell them that:

Maybe then you will get laid.

commentson 23 February 2004 : 17:07, C(h)ristine sez:

Today's entry is quite a contrast to your previous entry about "letting casual encounters go"!

There is value in each. Of course, there are the true centering relationships -- the ones that bring you home, bring you safety and security, unconditional love, support. We're talking comfort food. Someone called it "Zen" -- and it can be.

And then there are those delicious casual encounters. They can be surprising, intriguing, distracting, angering, dangerous, mysterious, delightful! Spices of life!

I'm glad to see you embracing BOTH...and embracing life!

I love you writing about both -- you provide such a window in my life.

As a writer, I seek both and all experiences possible...and much of time, I find it vicariously through others, like you. Thank you for your stories, thank you for the stories I write as a result of people like you - who are brave and adventurous.

I hope you get that girl, whoever that girl may be. :)

commentson 23 February 2004 : 20:12, Damanda sez:

YAY! That's what's SUPPOSED to happen when you're in a club in another country!!! My photos from Santiago Chile cacao fueled afterparty dancing to Shakira (of all things) look remarkably similar. My UK Pontins bourbon fueled afterparty fotos also look much the same!

commentson 23 February 2004 : 23:52, d sez:

the other poster on the wall? hmmm... laura dern.... nick cage... willem dafoe... WILD AT HEART!

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