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commentson 25 January 2004 : 14:48, mie sez:

It was so cool to see your place. Thanks for the invite! We had a bit of a tight schedule that night unfortunately, but look forward to hanging out more next time. I'm sure Dav wouldn't mind playing more of that Shinobu game too. jya ne.

commentson 25 January 2004 : 15:26, Liz sez:

Looks like a nice evening was had by all. Funny but earlier tonight, I used the term "globally minded" in something I was writing.Also, I loved the black Madonna links. As a recovering Catholic, religious icons rock my world! As for your art work on the walls, using screenshots is something I never thought of. I believed I was the only person to take pictures from odd places and use them as decoration, I see now, thats not true. Nice place you have there, Justin. :)

commentson 25 January 2004 : 17:21, Lee sez:

This is a bit off topic, but does anyone know of a computer recycling service like the one mentioned above that is on the peninsula? The web link above also mentions a recycling center in Marin, but I can't find one on the peninsula. (I live in Pacifica)

I have an old monitor that is basically broken but can probably be brought back to life by an expert... in certain resolutions it will still display a distorted image. I want to take it to someone that can use it if possible or recycle it if necessary.

commentson 25 January 2004 : 17:25, Taylor sez:


>>>elegant Jane and her dapper Jesse

Who is Jane with now & who is this Jesse?


If I may be so bold, if you want to have a very good party, its always cool to have more women than men.

I dunno know, the estrogen seems to sooth the testoterone, if you know what I mean.

commentson 25 January 2004 : 19:56, misuba sez:

Justin, you have got to get the water damage addressed. Seriously, the wrong mold can kill you or give you cancer.

Also, look into an over-the-counter homeopathic product called Airborne for your upcoming travel schedule. You can't miss it, it has Lloyd Dangle cartoons all over it for some reason.

commentson 26 January 2004 : 17:10, C(h)ristine sez:

Nothing like a party to pick up one's spirits! Mental health is a key component into overall robustness. Sounds like it was a blast.

I'm already inspired -- I've just decided to have a big shindig in a month or two -- and I too, will invite some new people!

commentson 26 January 2004 : 20:42, alison sez:

i have a black madonna in my bathroom! (oh, now that i think of it, i feel kind of sorry for her...)

commentson 27 January 2004 : 15:00, Marc Canter sez:

Hey dude - great to see your place. I loved the riverside scene.

commentson 27 January 2004 : 22:58, ert sez:

man i suck for missing this party. i luff you justin. your walls look awesome. :D

commentson 27 January 2004 : 22:58, ert sez:

man i suck for missing this party. i luff you justin. your walls look awesome. :D

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