Comments on early rising white belt
commentson 15 January 2004 : 21:14, Liz sez:

I've been sleeping in the afternoons also. No, I'm not doing Aikido, I'm just unemployed. :D

commentson 15 January 2004 : 23:49, Tibor sez:

Hi Justin,

so in Aikido green is after white? I practised Judo when I was (much) younger and quit just before the green belt. But in Judo the order was white-yellow-orange-green-blue-brown-black and then the "Dan"-grades.

I like the basic idea of Aikido which seems similar to Judo in several ways.

One question: how did the regular training affect your body? Do you sleep better, eat with bigger appetite, etc.?



commentson 18 January 2004 : 08:39, justin sez:

Liz - you're not unemployed, you're differently employed.

Tibor - the belts in Aikido can vary by dojo. Some dojos have only white and black belts. Some dojos have more colors, some fewer. I've heard of your color scheme. At my dojo, we have white-green-blue-blue-brown-brown-black. Doesn't exactly make sense to me but hey.

After I train I'm hungry, and when I'm active in Aikido I like to go to bed earlier. I can feel my body getting more toned, I think, but I'm not exactly sure in which places or in what ways. But it feels good!

commentson 23 January 2004 : 15:44, jeremy sez:

One of my aikido teachers (Jimmy Friedman of Suginami Aikikai) actually had someone grab his wrist at the start of an attempted mugging.

He apparently started laughing so hard that the guy ran away.

commentson 27 July 2004 : 18:15, Jimmy sez:

Hi i wanted to choose between to martial arts. TaeKwonDo and Aikido. The TaeKwonDO instructor told me that i should take taekwondo first becasue it is the basis of all martial arts.

how does aikido compare to Taekwondo? Which is more realistic to the modern world?

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