Comments on 2003 End of Music
commentson 12 January 2004 : 20:16, Damanda sez:

HELL YEAH on I AGAINST I! That's one of my all time favorite records (yes i bought it on vinyl in the 80s)
i was freaked out when i saw 10 year old skating to it at the Vans skate park in the Ontario Mills Mall.

commentson 12 January 2004 : 21:18, Liz sez:

These look interesting. I'll have to explore them further. Lately, I've been rocking Rage Against the Machine: Live At The Grand Olymic Auditorium.

BTW, it totally kicks ass.

commentson 12 January 2004 : 21:29, James sez:

Seeing you like Aphex Twin's Richard D. James Album, I have to recommend Musiq's "Royal Astronomy." It's got a song or two that sound very similar to the Richard D. James vibe -- and then, Musiq goes off in his own direction.

Amazon link

commentson 12 January 2004 : 23:34, Ashton sez:

This has all the makings of a great playlist. I'm always happy to find more Boards of Canada fans--check out their latest effort (Geogaddi) for more creeping electronic nostalgia.

commentson 14 January 2004 : 18:39, Rob the oX sez:

Kruder & Dorfmeister, LTJ Bukem (Atlantis and Cosmic Interlude) and the Cinematic Orchestra weild electronic, jazzy, drum-touched music like a latently-inhibited poet would words if he or she was so inclined.

Cinematic Orchestra's song Reel Life(Evolution II) is so basic but so powerful, its amazing the emotions it brings out.

Good stuff to write to.

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