Comments on Can you hear my keystrokes?
commentson 30 December 2003 : 17:48, mo sez:

I've clicked and clicked through your website for a while now, enjoying the ride.

Lately, however, I've had a hard time following your writing. And I realized why that is: there is no anchor in your writing. I don't know where you are (physically & metaphorically), you are so all over the map. It's like you are speaking your own code.

Not judging, just observing. Probably indicative of your present space.

commentson 14 January 2004 : 08:17, Liza sez:

If you have one of those old IBM clicky boards then yes. I have one and it drives my housemates crazy. I love it because I know I've hit the key. I work on a few a different keyboards through out the day (PC, Mac, PC Laptop, etc) so sometimes my finger will slip and I don't know if I have really hit the key but on my comptuer at home I know I have because the IBM keyboard key will click.

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