Comments on The Religions of Google and Geocities
commentson 25 December 2003 : 06:15, Taylor sez:

My belief is:

What you believe in is your reality, reality is what you believe in.

My god is:


commentson 25 December 2003 : 07:36, nubchai sez:

Your observation about "son" and "sun" is interesting. Some historians feel that the timing for the celebration of Christmas was selected by the Romans to replace the pagan celebration of Winter Solstice (Saturnalia and Mithra). In other words Jesus wasn;t born in December. Here's a link:

commentson 25 December 2003 : 11:11, Howard sez:

For as long as I remember driving out Sir Francis Drake Boulevard, which must be close to 40 years, there has been an official sign just past San Anselmo pointing to the "Marin Subud Center," and I've always wondered how this tiny religion (I always heard their services were ecstatic) rated an official sign. I see no similar signs on that road to Christian churches or to synagogues or mosques.

commentson 26 December 2003 : 10:44, jane sez:

silly rabbit, you can't find faith on the internet.

commentson 27 December 2003 : 11:39, ska uk sez:

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commentson 27 December 2003 : 11:44, scooterbabe2003 sez:

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commentson 11 January 2004 : 19:19, Marlinah sez:

I manage the Marin Subud Center, and doing a recent search to check for domain names, etc., I stumbled across this entry. What a small world. Actually, the sign has not been up that long. One of our more gung-ho chairpersons got this sign put up about 15 years ago; don't know how she did it but I think anyone can apply for a sign. Subud is not a religion, and thank you, Justin, for putting in a link to the World Subud organization. I have been a member of Subud all my life, my parents were "opened" in 1957. It makes me smile to read the way people describe Subud, what it is. It's so much more than an "ecstatic" experience, or meditation, chanting, and dancing. These are outer manifestations of a much deeper experience. I liken the path of Subud to a mystics path, similar to what the anchorites or anchoresses, Saint John of the Cross, etc., appear to have experienced. I feel as though I am a modern mystic. The longer one walks the path of Subud, the more subtle and deep the guidance becomes. I could be standing totally still, and to outer appearances I am doing or experiencing nothing, yet I may be receiving guidance, internally, about a situation I am currently confronted with, or I may be getting insight into some aspect of my character. It's constantly changing. I was talking to a minister yesterday, and one thing I said about Subud was this: after you've been doing the latihan for awhile, you don't need to ask yourself, should I do this or that, which is the morally right thing to do, because it has become intrinsic to your nature. You CAN'T, just can't, take an action that would hurt another human, do something that lacked integrity, etc. Your faults are constantly being chipped away, and it's not always pleasant, but I feel I am a better human being because of my committment to Subud's practice.

commentson 20 January 2004 : 11:36, rocksteadyska2003 sez:

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commentson 25 January 2004 : 14:14, scooterbabe2003 sez:

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commentson 17 February 2004 : 21:08, prema sez:

Interesting that you should mention that all religions do have the same undercurrent of thought - to do good to all. Somehow or other, this message gets superceded with a more trivial personal interpretation that those not of our kind are not worth the same respect. if that sentence made any sense.

I'm a Baha'i. I often worry when saying so that others will think that this means I am not Christian, Muslim, Jewish or whatever. Somehow when you say you are a xyz, it implies that you are not abc and def and whathaveyou.

Which is why saying that am a Baha'i is cool - because the Baha'i Faith states that all religions before it are the same - it's a concept of progressive revelation. All the same message given by the same Higher Power (God), modified for the culture and civilisation of its times. Am going on too much but it makes much sense. It's also the second most widespread religion in the world right now. You could prolly read more at (if you're not sick of hearing about it from me :)

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