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commentson 22 December 2003 : 22:22, C(h)ristine sez:

having clicked over to your "gas" link, something caught my eye: is it ritual to have dental work done post-relationship? :) (amidst viral infections and such).

commentson 22 December 2003 : 22:38, denise sez:

happy holidays, justin!

commentson 23 December 2003 : 03:35, olivia sez:

hey i just got 4 wisdom teeth out. also sitting here on drugs. yay vicodin! i went in on valium, then they gave me nitrous, and then iv sedation. anyone who stays awake for that shit is much, much braver than i'll ever be. hope you're staying ahead of the pain!


commentson 23 December 2003 : 08:35, Don Wrege sez:

commentson 23 December 2003 : 11:34, Liz sez:

Congrats Shelley, you did a beautiful job! That is an amazing article. You must be really pleased with the outcome.

Wishing everyone at LINKS a happy & healthy holiday.


commentson 23 December 2003 : 20:10, Ethan aka "Dr. Allan Pearl" sez:

I woke up in the middle of my wisdom teeth surgery to find the dentist pounding a mallet against a chisel of some sort in my mouth. I was 16. Supposedly, I yelled "nurse, 30 more cc's!" Incidentally, the song "Bubi Made A Kishka" came from that revue.

commentson 25 December 2003 : 08:28, reason sez:

well, it's a few years early, but you should consider having them all pulled and getting dentures. These are not your grandfather's dentures... they look pretty real these days.

If your teeth are too far gone, it's only a matter of time, anyway. Middle-aged men with bad teeth should just get it over with and get dentures. Sure you could get caps and what not, but that would only last a few more years.

commentson 5 January 2004 : 09:29, liza sez:

I had all four impacted wisdom teeth taken out at once and only under local. It means that the teeth are in your gums, not vertical and poking out but horizontal. I was sober for the whole thing. Sometimes I would watch it from the reflection of the surgeons goggles. The student that was helping the surgeon kept putting the suction on my gag reflex, (I knew it was her first with a live human from her doing that. Dummy’s should come with gag reflex alarms.) I would pull the suction down a little and she would put it right on my reflex. After the fourth time the surgeon finally told her where she was putting it.
I have a face that over expresses so when I heard the dentist tell the student, this is after she almost made me throw up four times, that he was going to let her stich up one my gums and I had a “oh no your not” feeling flash through me and my face must have expressed that because she never did stich me up, thank god! She doesn’t even know where the gag reflex is and she’s going to stich me up! I don’t think so!

The aftermath was that they gave me a shot glass worth of some liquid drug that taste like orange juice. My whole mouth was numb so I could swallow so I just put my head and and let it slide down. When the nurse gave me water she told me to try and swallow but I choked a little and coughed a lot of the water onto my shirt.

An hour later I passed out on my parents couch from whatever drug that they gave me. I kept up with the pain by taking advil every four hours. But by the fifth day I took the vicodin they gave me because I could stand constantly feeling my jaw, its not painful but its just this annoying lulling feeling.

It wasn’t that bad but it took a few months for my mouth to go back to normal and the surgeon couldn’t believe I did the whole thing under local. “I couldn’t even do that” he told my dad. If I had to do it again I wouldn’t take the gas even though I'm curious.

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