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commentson 22 December 2003 : 01:18, john sez:

the key to health is fermentation. eating more kimchee and natto will show those bacteria that you mean business. i can recommend the best brands of both (as well as other fermented treats) and where to get them in the bay area. consume them before they consume you.

commentson 22 December 2003 : 07:31, joao sez:

Justin, I think you should see a psychologist. I only say this with the best of intentions. Take care.

commentson 22 December 2003 : 07:36, Liz sez:

Now that I'm unemployed, my day desolves into websurfing and masturbation too! hehe

commentson 22 December 2003 : 10:28, sez:

Well, older men like Justin do start to have health problems. They can turn into serious problems if left untreated. Especially at this time of year. Given his age, I think the best bet is for him to get to his health care provider.

commentson 22 December 2003 : 12:09, Jason sez:

If your cold lasts for more than a month, then I would take a trip to the doctor to make sure you don't have some type of infection in your sinuses.

Traveling on planes while sick can cause your cold to get pushed deep into your sinuses making for some mean infections.

commentson 22 December 2003 : 15:53, Taylor sez:

I think that Mr. Justin Hall is the most sane one here on

Justin we love you man!

Justin !
Justin !
Justin !

commentson 22 December 2003 : 18:02, madsax sez:

Hey Justin,
Have you considered that you might be fighting the cold too much? Sometimes, fighting against a thing results in the persistence of that thing. It could be that if you stop fighting it will come on strong, then evolve out of your system, and you'll be healthy again.

Or you might just have some nasty allergies going on. :-)

commentson 22 December 2003 : 19:05, qualler sez:

hey man, you seem to have fixed your wrist problems...why don't you employ the same type of strategies to your health?

failing that, someone smart said that the way to stay healthy is:
a natural diet
daily vigorous activity
fresh air
get plenty quality rest
be happy

commentson 22 December 2003 : 20:25, C(h)ristine sez:

actually, kimchee might work -- it is chock full of Vitamin C.

in fact, in citrus-scarce Korea, I believe it's the main source of Vitamin C in the Korean diet.

commentson 12 February 2004 : 11:26, blackjack sez:

Good luck with that.

commentson 16 July 2004 : 11:35, Muawiyah Askari sez:

In our part of the world Shingles is referred to as Herpes. This leads to many awkward situations with people from abroad.

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