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commentson 16 December 2003 : 14:55, justin sez:

Steve referenced an awesome Palm/Treo application called Pocket Library that helps you catalog all the books in your library. There's some deep media geekery - useful if you want to loan out books though. And useful since it lets you add books to a "wanted" list on the road! I just hope Caustic Mango (the well-named developers) will add ISBN lookup.

commentson 16 December 2003 : 18:32, Judy sez:

Happy Birthday to my favorite Boy!
Bet it feels good to look around at that nice spare living room. How many rooms got the treatment?
Hope you are enjoying your day. And we hope to see you very soon.

commentson 16 December 2003 : 19:40, justin sez:

Judy - we were only able to clean one room really! It was an astounding amount of magazines and old mail I had stacked. And it's the room you see when you first walk in the house. In my stronger moments, I think to myself that we've set a standard, so I can bring the rest of my house up to that standard. And maybe slowly I will. But I must say, my sister's firm dedication to tossing out my treasures is what got me to my current cleanly living room. So that's inspiring, but it hasn't yet spread.

commentson 16 December 2003 : 21:45, C(h)ristine sez:

Happy Birthday!

I think it's great you're starting off a new year with a clean room -- symbolic, don't you think?

commentson 17 December 2003 : 13:03, Howard sez:

Here's the test. Today, throw away 10% of what's left. Seriously!

It's very good that you can see your books, Justin. Now, if you want to absorb what's in them, can you guess the next step?


Happy unbirthday to my bestest pal. I love you.

commentson 17 December 2003 : 18:46, adriana sez:

"Every passion borders on the chaotic, but the collector's passion borders on the chaos of memories. More than that: the chance, the fate, that suffuse the past before my eyes are conspicuously present in the accustomed confusion of these books. For what else is this collection but a disorder to which habit has accomodated itself to such an extent that it can appear as order?"--Walter Benjamin, "Unpacking My Library"

I love this post. Happy Birthday.

commentson 17 December 2003 : 21:14, mie sez:

Otanjyobi omedeto! You said zip when I bumped into you at CC's scrumptious buffet...I suppose celebrating early is bad luck...but next time I see you, I'll buy you a drink - no wait, with all this Quit Drinking going on, I'll buy you a smoothie with an extra protein boost, OK? BTW, I have 2 cats who look exactly like Fernando. Their names are Katsuo and Wakame (do you know Sazae-san?)
Anyway, take care. : )

commentson 19 December 2003 : 04:54, ??? sez:

Happy Birthday from a stranger!
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