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commentson 9 December 2003 : 23:50, justin sez:

Ouch! There it goes again! It's enough to make me want to put some insulating layers! Or wrap my arm in thin rubber sheets.

Maybe it's something to do with the voltage/power in the UK? Turning my computer into a conductor. Or maybe it's something to do with this cold I'm developing - my electrolytes have shifted out of synch with my technology!

commentson 10 December 2003 : 01:26, Pete Barr-Watson sez:

happens to me on both of my mac laptops too... maybe it *is* a UK voltage thing...

it's not pleasant...

commentson 10 December 2003 : 04:56, C(h)ristine sez:

In the interim -- put on a long sleeved shirt!

commentson 10 December 2003 : 08:53, Pete Barr-Watson sez:

hmmm. it seems to still get through sometimes... it's *worse* without long sleeves, but still there with... on my machine anyway...

commentson 10 December 2003 : 16:22, ron sez:

I think you need a guided meditation! and fast.

commentson 12 December 2003 : 15:03, Fredrik sez:

This exists on my year-new Mac laptop as well. All I need to do is ground myself a little. Say a foot on the radiator, and zap :-) ...

commentson 16 December 2003 : 07:18, Joao Paglione sez:


I had an old Thinkpad laptop which I got as a present from my dad in 1997. I used to carry it in my backpack and put in a PCMCIA Flashcard adapter to unload pics from my old Canon Powershot camera, I think one of the first models.

I had that laptop on the beaches of Florianopolis, in the snow in Germany, Canada, you name it and it always survived the test of the traveler!

Eventually, it stopped working because of a faulty connection. When I called IBM, they sent a courier to pick it up. Then repaired it in Virginia and sent it back the next day.

3 days to fix my laptop, that is worth the big bucks for IBM, even if they are exporting high paid jobs to India.. according to Lou Dobbs on CNN "Exporting America"..

That's Globalisation folks!!

commentson 7 January 2004 : 18:05, Marc Majcher sez:

This happened to me with an old Thinkpad, too. (I'm in the US.) For some reason, the black coating started to chip around where I'd rest the heels of my hands, and being a neurotic picker, I had to peel and peel until there were large patches of bare metal. After a while of using the laptop like this, I'd notice a strange metallic taste in my mouth, and experience small shocks from the exposed areas from time to time. The taste actually bothered me more than the shocks - I was never sure if it was from mild chronic electrocution, or if some sub-finish bonding agent was seeping into my bloodstream through my palms, and I'd die of heavy metal poisoning because I was too lazy to fix it. Either way, the pointer nub freaked out soon after that, so I was saved to continue to wreak torment on other poor computers, and vice versa...

commentson 17 February 2004 : 21:12, prema sez:

I'm using a Thinkpad T20 and I'm way over here in Malaysia - happens all the time (most often when it's got the charger plugged in). It happened when I travelled to India and US too so I suspect either the earth's magnetic field is working its magic on my thinkpad or maybe IBM ought to fix it sometime.

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