Comments on Thanksgiving Prayer
commentson 27 November 2003 : 20:33, Liz sez:

I second that Justin. I posted my very own gratitude list. Check it out! :)

commentson 27 November 2003 : 21:58, Taylor sez:

C'mon Justin now,
smile on your brothers, everybody get together,
try to love one another
right now !

commentson 27 November 2003 : 21:58, Judy sez:

Wish you were here to squeeze your hand. But happy you are with your family and we really appreciated the call. See you soon. My gratitude list is almost endless this year. Know that you are on it.

commentson 28 November 2003 : 02:44, Joao Bambu sez:

Gobble, gobble

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