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commentson 26 November 2003 : 20:04, Judy sez:

What did he put together?

commentson 26 November 2003 : 22:02, leroy sez:

I'm bored

commentson 26 November 2003 : 23:44, justin sez:

Good question Judy - I wish I could remember. I was so impressed with his final statement I quoted here, that I can't remember the setup. This post was also an experiment, to use my mobile device. Can I post short meaningful things when I'm away from my computer? Looks like this was too short for Leroy and you - gotta take a bit more time to remember, compose and type.

commentson 27 November 2003 : 09:16, Judy sez:

Or add a pix to flesh it out.
Hope you are having a Happy Day and a Great Trip. Hello to the family!

commentson 27 November 2003 : 09:34, Howard sez:

I am thankful for you, Justin.

commentson 27 November 2003 : 22:01, Taylor sez:

It's getting better Justin,
it's getting better all the time.

commentson 3 January 2004 : 08:40, Dave sez:

Coming back to Judy - have you got time to remember what he put together? I mean the statement is cool without knowing the background, but I'm excited to know it too, maybe you can write a short comment? Would be nice, have taken this into my bookmarks to follow and see if you got time to answer, greetings from Germany, Dave.

commentson 4 February 2004 : 07:15, Apahcer sez:

Very interesting, I think I recollect something like that in the past, I'll have to look after that.

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