Comments on cassidy cuts
commentson 17 November 2003 : 23:54, Mathias sez:

nice haircut, justin :D

commentson 18 November 2003 : 01:20, Judy sez:

You have time to visit me at work on Friday? Maybe a little fix up is in order?

commentson 18 November 2003 : 04:29, Liz sez:

Cassidy is so cute and what a great job she did. She seems to be a very multi-talented young lady.

commentson 18 November 2003 : 05:10, blah sez:

Oh come on! You did not really let a nine year old child cut your hair?

You a are a brave man if this is true.

commentson 18 November 2003 : 05:12, blah sez:

Of course the pictures do show a little child and an old man with a crappy haircut, so who knows.

commentson 18 November 2003 : 06:33, heh sez:

You should ask for your money back, j/k.

commentson 18 November 2003 : 14:16, Kev2302 sez:

At least she left the ears. :D

commentson 18 November 2003 : 15:02, Fleischman sez:

Sweeeet! Does Cassidy take walk-ins or do I have to make an appointment?

commentson 18 November 2003 : 19:02, nubchai sez:

Hey life without sideburns can be a lot of fun!
I think Cassidy did a great job :)

commentson 19 November 2003 : 09:40, shinjo sez:

The old guy's hair cannot be saved. But little Casey Cassidy might have a future in hair care, if Casey doesn't go to college.

That old guy needs hair repair bad, but Casey did a shitty job, albeit not bad for a 9 year old.

commentson 19 November 2003 : 13:32, Damanda sez:


You should make a website of all the people that have cut your hair. I vaguely remember you getting drunk at a party and having someone give you a mullett? You should ask a random stranger or interesting person to cut your hair every 2 months and post pictures!

commentson 20 November 2003 : 14:45, mk20 sez:

You're just lucky she didn't need hair for a chewbacca puppet...

commentson 20 November 2003 : 20:37, le sez:

that's awesome!

commentson 21 November 2003 : 18:00, Joao Bambu sez:


You look like a modern day Beatle.

And yes, why don't you create a website of your varied haircuts. That would definitely be cool, I have noticed you in all styles..

which reminds me, i need to cut my hair tomorrow...

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