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commentson 13 November 2003 : 16:36, C(h)ristine sez:

downtime, while sometimes uncomfortable, is not a bad thing. it can be good. time to heal, to regroup, to breathe.

i've been reading you since the mid-90's, you've been on full speed for most of the last decade!

thanks for sharing -- i'm sending positive thoughts in your direction.

sorry i missed meeting you at anne's "cheese thing!" i had the flu, i dropped off cheese, but didn't cross the threshold, for fear of contaminating you all!

commentson 13 November 2003 : 16:49, erika sez:

you'll be ok. breathe in...out...repeat.What do you want to it. I know it sounds ridiculously is. Tomorrow i take the gre if i fuck up, i take a year and study, or half that... i will me

commentson 13 November 2003 : 17:29, Joao Bambu sez:

all good things come to those who wait,

didnt bob marley say that or was it lauren hill

take it easy, i know i am trying to, and it feels good

commentson 13 November 2003 : 19:17, souris sez:

justin, uncle edward wrote a comment on my blog that i think would be appropriate for you to read. uncle edward loves you too, so i know he would want you to hear the same thing...his sage advice.

commentson 14 November 2003 : 01:36, denise sez:

i really appreciate your honesty.

commentson 14 November 2003 : 10:13, Howard sez:

You are growing, Justin.

Kierkegaard put it this way:

"Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced."

Or, as Han Shan puts it:

The way of others is
not my way,
moment to moment
I discover my own.

There is no certainty
in being true, this is just
the way things go along
on Cold Mountain.

I cleaned my cave by
first removing myself,
then everything resumed
its natural state.

One day the sound of the murmuring brook stopped,
and a sudden gratitude
filled my heart.

Now it just runs on,
sometimes noticed
sometimes not.

We can't be free unless
we already are.

Isn't it so?

When every direction is the same,
we can relax and enjoy
the ride.

Something exhales.

Birth and death tenderly caress.

Love peeks out from under
the covers, smiling
"Oh, what did I miss?"

commentson 14 November 2003 : 12:00, Jer sez:

"To build a little flower is the labour of ages."

- William Blake

commentson 17 November 2003 : 12:51, kurt sez:

it *is* time to choose a long-term committment.

grad school, journalism school. day job to support writing, perhaps connected to university. resident fellowship. service in return for grant money. limited, budgeted intercontinental travel...

you know, some modicum of STABILITY. you want to get that sick again?

commentson 18 November 2003 : 06:14, Bob Dobalina sez:

His travels and ramblings reminded me of your saga...

From Soft City to Waxwings, the Narrative of Jonathan Raban:

Quote: This is excerpted from the lecture "A Grub Street Life, or Never Mind the Arithmetic," which Jonathan Raban delivered at the University of Washington on October 29. Jonathan Raban is the author of several books that are hard to classify.

"I see the novels as a continuation of, not a break with, the books that came before them. They're all obsessively concerned with what used to be called 'human geography': Writing about place--about people's place in place, and their displacement in it--is still what keeps me going as a writer."

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