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commentson 30 October 2003 : 18:23, alison sez:

dude, you really ate that wiggly squiggly scary shit? you are either all man or beyond nuts. just watching the video made me gag a little..

commentson 30 October 2003 : 21:56, C(h)ristine sez:

Very cool write-up.

So interesting to see how your experiences differ from mine over there. Makes me miss the place.

And there is no need to miss korean stuff over here in the Bay Area. You can get great dol sot bibimbap over at Koryo Wooden Charcoal BBQ on 45th and Telegraph in Oakland, Korean scrubby massages over in Santa Clara, snacks over at supermarkets in both Oakland and Santa Clara.

commentson 3 November 2003 : 17:41, brian sez:

yeah, he totally ate almost all that octopus. made little tacos out of it with lettuce and other veggies. abbie and i were kind of staring on in perverse fascination. the tentacles had their little suckers and first stuck to the plate, then to justin's chopsticks as he pried them up, and then, i think, to the inside of his throat as he tried to wash them down. stubborn little guys.

commentson 25 November 2003 : 22:11, Eric K sez:

Hi Justin,

It's Eric from ACTOZ remeber me from E3 Conference Program?..:)= ^^

It's great to know you've had a good time here in Korea. Seems like now you know most of this place. Give me a call next time when your in Korea, although I doubt I can take you to any new, interesting places since it seems that you've already been everywhere~!

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