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commentson 17 March 2004 : 14:30, atiku abubaka sez:

My name Atiku Abubakar, the vice president of Nigeria and the minister for information in Nigeria.
I need a foreign patner that can or would be able to support me to claim an huge amount of money sixty millon, eight hundred dollars ($60.8000.000) which i had kept because of the election that was held last year october2002, My thinking was that we were not going to win the last year election and i taught that was my last chance to do what i think could sustain me for some period of time. But to my greatest surprise we won the election and all i had to do was to keep the money at the Central Bank Of Nigeria on the 20th of october 2002.
So all i need is a trustworthy person that i will be able to trust and that will be able to come here or if he likes he should not come but if you know you are interested and accept to come or represent my actions in the central bank of Nigeria, all the necessary document will be sent to you by fax and you will have to present me with an account number so that the money will be transfered there and the person whose account hold my money will have the share of a millon dollars($1.000.000) but if you want to be involve in the business with as in claiming to be the owner of the money,your share will be 35%,while the foreign expenses will be 5% and the local expenmses will be 5% too and mine will be 55% .
If you know you are interested you can contact me on this e-mail address: giving me your data as in your phone no.(Private/mobile),fax no.,home address and other things you thnk i need to know about you,
Best regards,
Vice president,
Atiku Abubakar

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