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commentson 29 September 2003 : 20:32, Stewart Butterfield sez:

Right on. There is even a name for this CSR-surfing behaviour (which I can't remember), but I use it all the time to deal with unhelpful DSL installers, courier companies, hotel reservations people, etc. Great advice.

commentson 29 September 2003 : 21:03, Yonathan Dessalegn sez:

Unfortunately, some companies employ the dereliction of duty when it comes to good CSR and timely response; they put you on hold forever. if that's the case, then you just have to lug it out ever so painfully. Put up with who you got; it may not be worth your $. But me, for $$$150, I would try anything.

commentson 30 September 2003 : 13:30, Damanda sez:

My friends always call me when they wan't to change their tickets. They have me call the airline and speak to a CSR pretending that I'm their assistant. I then tell the airline CSR that I've screwed up royally, that I made the wrong reservation for my boss and that he has realized the error and is calling from the airport and is ripping me a new a-hole a la swimming with sharks. He has hung up on me and told me to "FIX IT" and is there anything that they can do to help me out because I'm in sooooooooooooo much trouble. This works 7 out of 10 times.
BTW I learned this trick when I screwed up my boss' reservation and he called from the airport and ripped me a new a-hole and told me to "FIX IT" while I was on the phone with the airline he kept calling me back on the other line asking me if "I HAD FIXED IT YET GODDAMNIT".

commentson 30 September 2003 : 22:11, Matt Haughey sez:

There is even a name for this CSR-surfing behaviour

Stewart, I forgot it too, but some googling turned up. It's called turboing.

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