Comments on The Quickening
commentson 21 September 2003 : 17:47, mike sez:

Soon you'll have complete control over your finances, keep up the good fight. If I ever win the lottery, I will become the official (but silent) sponsor of and then maybe you can relax a little.

commentson 22 September 2003 : 08:54, joao sez:


Glad you posted this information. I've been finacially irresponsible since my first allowance. Hopefully, I will follow your example and become systematic about my finances.


commentson 22 September 2003 : 10:33, Old Timer sez:

I remember when Justin used to post naked pictures of himself and used to babble about Jane's Addiction. Now he is all jazzed up about an accounting program. Please go get naked again.

commentson 22 September 2003 : 14:05, Damanda sez:

I know you probably don't want to hear this but Quickbooks is the best program for getting your shite together. I am currently working for a Production Designer (in film) and his wife who is an illustrator. They handed me 2 large boxes of receipts (which were unfiled), their receipts for the year so far. I took all of their debit card receipts, credit card receipts and cash receipts and put them into separate accounts. I entered every item and double checked it against the bank statements. When I was done (it took me about 2 weeks) my boss HOOOTED when I showed him his pie charts and bar graphs sortable by account, month, type of expense, etc.

I learned how to use this program myself at the urging of my friend that's a book keeper ("quicken is just a fancy checkbook and no good", he says) and only needed a couple of phone calls to ask him questions (how do I delete an account...etc). It's very user friendly and someone who doesn't know how to use it can easily learn. Mail me if you need help or if you need a copy of the program (for Mac). It will help you immensely with your taxes in conjunction with good records (outlook calendar or palm software) reminding you where you are each day and what projects you are working on). You can also track your income by employer and job. Friggin BRILLIANT.
Good Luck!

commentson 22 September 2003 : 14:38, Austin sez:

I have that same Quicken version. I can't say I ever gave it any true effort. I realize though that as a contractor, it would greatly help my tax standing, and individual standing to put forth some effort.

An extremely relevant article you wrote here, Justin. Thanks.


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