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commentson 14 September 2003 : 20:11, Jimbo sez:


Thats the most profound piece of bullshit I have ever read (today).

Is it some form of mutant haikui or a confession of repression, anger and powerlessness?

An obscure form of confession, some sort of appeasement to the gods?

Who know, i certainly don't, nor do i suspect do you?


(or you could be drunk)

commentson 15 September 2003 : 10:13, anne sez:

sometimes we have to drive hard and fast just to feel like we've gotten somewhere- only then can we get out of the car and look back to see where we've been.

commentson 15 September 2003 : 10:24, justin sez:

Moments like those I try to keep as short as possible though so I miss everything in the road. Pedestrians are so wiley! Let alone other cars.

commentson 15 September 2003 : 11:59, mike sez:

I agree that we should seek alternate forms of energy for our vehicles. Butt, how do you contain and deliver the beer and sausage emissions?

commentson 16 September 2003 : 01:09, Joao Paglione sez:

Obstacles are indeed within us. Read my yoga book today about how our inner peace can overcome the chaos surrounding us. Somehow this will make more sense tomorrow on the beach in Florida rather than in Brooklyn.

Cities are vibrant fascinating blurbs of humanity but we need our breaks...

commentson 16 September 2003 : 15:49, Christine sez:

don't drink and blog.

that said -- it's important to feel these complicated emotions, to feel conflict. hope you blast through the obstacles.

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