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commentson 12 September 2003 : 23:55, Joćo Paglione sez:


I always enjoy your digital photography, especially from your Akita trip in Japan and the love hotels.

However, those funky baseball caps don't seem to fit with you guys. I hope you didn't buy them and just pose for the picture.

Did you try to go to the WTC site on 9/11? I spent 2 hours walking around and trying to find the "right" street for non-family member access but they turned me away at each possible entrance.

I am paranoid that I look Arabesque, like people tell me. Then again, some people say I am an "all-purpose" ethnic--meaning I could be Italian, Spanish, Brazilian, Israel, or Arab-looking. Lord knows, I have had my share of people approaching me and speaking all those languages..

Cheers and keep on blogging because it will inspire me one day to create my own "bambu blog". I've followed you since 1997, so..

commentson 15 September 2003 : 11:45, PS sez:

Hey, Justin,
It was good to run into you guys in Union Square. There's a chance (a tiny one) that I may be going to Tokyo for a little bit, so I was checking out your travel log. Those fish pictures both make me hungry and not.

Anyway, hope you guys had a great time in the city. If you're ever back in these parts again, let us know. And oh yeah, try to persuade Jane to do an NYC Dealership show. That would rock!


commentson 28 November 2003 : 06:20, Zpager sez:

Justin, especially liked that iso pic poste by Jane, lovely!

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