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commentson 27 August 2003 : 19:04, Anil sez:

Eloquently stated, Justin. I'm glad Jane has you with her right now. Give her my best.

commentson 27 August 2003 : 19:52, s sez:

existence is so far beyond our comprehension .. be positive and amazed because those are things we can control

commentson 28 August 2003 : 00:26, m sez:

i must say. that jane's mother is in my thoughts. and also jane and her family. although her family is not necessarily real to me and of any particular attachment....but i do feel compelled to support suffering in which i do not see. awareness in what i do not see. all the best....and love of course.


commentson 28 August 2003 : 03:34, Stewart sez:

My father's mother died a few years ago from a series of small strokes and he was there when she passed from an open-eyed and animated coma to death. He said it was the most beautiful experience of his life (and he deeply loved his mother).

I have no direct experience to relate this to, but I do hope you can both take some comfort in the joy and absurdity and profound, humbling mysteries of life. Celebrate her in language. It's at least a fine thing to do.

commentson 28 August 2003 : 08:09, jann sez:

love for you all.

commentson 28 August 2003 : 09:25, mike sez:

My father died last year while I was visiting Japan on business. I still curse myself for not being here in the States when he passed. He was the most important person in my life and when he suddenly died from a stroke, I felt like my soul had been torn from my body even though I seemed to continue to live and breathe. I didn't have anyone to turn to, but I draw vicarious comfort out of knowing that Jane has you. Good work.

commentson 28 August 2003 : 09:50, erika sez:

my husbands grandmother passed away 2 days ago. although this connection is not as close as that of a mother to their and jane's family have my condolences.

even though i do not know you personally i am sad, love and strength.

commentson 28 August 2003 : 11:03, jerome sez:

Je pense a vous, a Jane, a sa famille.
Je pense a vous fort.
You are in the thoughts of all my friends in Paris who now know you and love you.


commentson 28 August 2003 : 13:54, Timothy Burke sez:

The business of dying was also one of the things that surprised me when my dad died two years ago, at those odd moments when my head was clear enough to be aware of all of that: the need to organize all the things that had been up to that moment in motion, in use, in the furious disarray that life occasions; the need to deal with bodies, autopsies, memorials. We tried to book a theater that was showing Errol Flynn's "Robin Hood" for a memorial showing, but the owner was I think a little nonplussed by the request, and so we all ended up at a restaurant in downtown LA.

I ended up thinking that I ought to put all my papers in order so that if I died tomorrow, I wouldn't trouble anyone--but then the moment you start to do that, it's as if you're planning to die and you return to the business of a life in motion.

commentson 28 August 2003 : 15:00, Ben TX sez:

She was so young! My parents are older than that and quite overweight. Every time I get a call from them, I worry about my dad. I'm scared one day they will call and it will be that something has happened. This is terrible. I'm crying right now, I know I don't know you two. In fact I doubt I even have been mail back from either of you, but I feel I know you. More than that, I can see a lot of myself in both of you, and I see how it would be for me to deal with something like this. I'm an athiest and I don't have any answers (for anyone or anything). At times like this I wish there was something for ME to believe in. I'm so sorry. Please be well.

commentson 28 August 2003 : 15:46, robnit sez:

hang in there bud - hugs

commentson 29 August 2003 : 16:08, Jessica sez:

wow...I almost started to cry when I read this. I don't know how I came upon this link, but I'm so sorry to hear.

commentson 29 August 2003 : 23:07, m whyte sez:

my thoughts go out to jane and her clan. be her rock.

commentson 30 August 2003 : 17:23, Mark Henderson sez:

What kills us is not what happens to us, but the meaning we give it.

commentson 30 August 2003 : 20:58, Taylor sez:

It's not that life is short, it's that the moments that comprise life are.

commentson 8 October 2003 : 07:59, Kryiananda sez:

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commentson 8 October 2003 : 08:09, Kryiananda sez:

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