Comments on Unplugging My Ass
commentson 11 August 2003 : 23:49, justin sez:

This is some well-qualified opposition - thanks for those links.

Now is there anyone who will speak up here in favor of ass-flushing? I'm looking for personal experience.

commentson 11 December 2003 : 11:08, Steve sez:

I have had over 50 colonics in my life and have read about the subject in great detail. I would say that they have helped me alot. I had one therapist who would massage my stomach during the session. This was awesome and now since she's moved away I'm lost without her. I went once a month and now finding someone else has been a real bummer. If you know of a therapist that I should try who would be more "attentive" please let me know. I was paying $95.00 for an hour and a half. This was a great stress relief for me. If your body isn't stressing about all the toxins in your colon it can concentrate on other parts of your body. I know that when the toxins reach a level in my body the body creates mucus, hence the plugged up nose in the morning after a huge dinner.



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