Comments on Duelling Scientists
commentson 23 May 2003 : 06:19, Ethan sez:

Whenever I want to get off the phone (on a cell), I close by saying, "Well, I don't want to get a tumor..." It's gotten to the point that my friends will even offer, "Well, I don't want you to get a tumor." Actually, I am using thinly veiled humor to hide that the fact I really don't want a tumor. Combine this with an obsessive application of Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer after each call, and I am sure no one is suspicious.

commentson 23 May 2003 : 09:23, kurt sez:

interesting that the only serious tech-questioning you hear is about effects on the body. about how much ambient radiation we all can take.

you don't hear that much about SOCIAL, POLITICAL and ECONOMIC ramifications of technology -- well, nothing that isn't pretty damn celebratory.

what I hate about cell phones is not potential brain cancer (though I suppose I should be more worried). it's that i'm supposed to be "on-call" ALWAYS. there is no escape from "the office" now, nor from "family". no place on earth out of touch.

that's a loss of real freedom.

tech-lovers will then change tracks and say that it's inevitable. suddenly tech goes from being a social choice to some force of nature. erosions of privacy just happen, like hurricanes. can't stop progress. adapt or die.

if you follow that way of thinking, you really shouldn't worry about the brain cancer. it's inevitable.

commentson 26 May 2003 : 06:39, serb sez:

i would suggest that you look for peer reviewed studies on either side. the "opinion" of either of these scientists is fairly meaningless if he/she doesn't back it up with scientific results. look for these results, where they are published, what others have to say about them, etc.

commentson 26 May 2003 : 06:42, serb sez:

continuation of my last post...

i work in science, and the best thing to ask is "can you give me the reference for an article on that?" or "is there an article you can send me?" Anyone who can't send an article or link you to one is a propagandist

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