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commentson 19 May 2003 : 09:36, jen sez:

Wow, I'm surprised. Here in the Boston area I always pay my tickets online from Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville. It certainly makes it way easier and assures that I'll actually pay it on time. I would've figured SF was way ahead of us in that way.

commentson 19 May 2003 : 11:15, Darin sez:

I paid mine this way last summer in SF

commentson 19 May 2003 : 11:54, Damanda sez:

If you're willing to walk 4 or 5 blocks on Pico from the Convention Center, parking plummets from $20 to $4 or $5. There are also a bunch of free spots that no one knows about one street past the train trolley street (forget which one it is) just south of Pico. Not that it matters now, but in the future, take it from someone who had to be at the Staples Center around twice a or free parking that saves you $16 - $20, allows you to buy that $12.00 roast beef sandwich and $7.75 beer at the Staples Center. Mmmmm...

commentson 19 May 2003 : 12:43, Strob sez:

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commentson 19 May 2003 : 20:12, Fleischman sez:

That is so weird! I just got a ticket today! My second in three weeks! I think my lucky streak is over. I've been getting away with parking 4 or 5 hours in the 2hr zone for almost a year. Denver doesn't let you pay on the web either (stupid!), but if you pay by phone they charge you 3 bucks. Lame.

commentson 20 May 2003 : 16:14, Christine sez:

Wasn't "" about a startup company that was supposed to do stuff like set up civic websites where you could pay parking tickets, etc.?

And Fleischman: GRRRRRRRR!!!

commentson 20 May 2003 : 19:53, Fleischman sez:

Stop flirting, Christine! And yes, was about that. It was actually a really cool movie. Too bad the idea they were tryin' to sell didn't catch on. Why in the hell would anyone want to pay by check and use snail mail anyway?

commentson 21 May 2003 : 07:52, kurt sez:

can't pay traffic tickets by internet?

that just makes me weep. why is this world so uncool, lord, why?

computers should mediate all life! down with pens!

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