Comments on E303
commentson 19 May 2003 : 20:53, Taylor sez:

That's cool!

commentson 20 May 2003 : 08:39, nimrod sez:

nice pics! :)

commentson 20 May 2003 : 09:33, bsharp sez:

god, could i look any fatter in that last picture? :)

commentson 20 May 2003 : 09:47, justin sez:

Hah! Brian you beat me here! I was going to email you and ask you for your URL. But there it is! I love your bold orange pants.

commentson 20 May 2003 : 10:20, bsharp sez:

that's weird, now my site's main page just lost all the blog entries, and i didn't change it.

this whole movable type thing, i still don't quite get it. i mean, i'm a programmer, i want a debugger! style sheets are confounding without one. i don't know how the rest of you do it!

the orange pants are part of my "comfy airplane" wardrobe, and since i missed my flight but my luggage made it, i was stuck with the nuclear orange-and-yellow outfit. don't get me wrong, i like the clothes, but i am told they're visible from up to 20 miles away.

commentson 20 May 2003 : 10:32, bsharp sez:

duh, never mind. hey, soon (like, this weekend maybe) i'll have my e3 writeup done with pics posted up on the site. it'll be something like my whopping third entry or something!

commentson 22 May 2003 : 00:49, john tv sez:

Hey, Justin, Ricciardi here. Nice to see ya at the ZD/Wired party. Let me know next time you guys are in Tokyo -- we'll have to catch up!


commentson 25 May 2003 : 11:24, bsharp sez:

there, my e3 writeup is finally up -- either go to the front page here, or the entry itself is right here.

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