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commentson 13 May 2003 : 18:35, Fleischman sez:

Spirit fingers? You've been watching too much Bring it On with Jane. I'm jealous though. Wish I was at E3. Get me a sticker or sumthin'...

commentson 13 May 2003 : 23:13, Taylor sez:

Justin, I think/feel that you have developed a new look for the deca.

commentson 14 May 2003 : 04:46, nimrod sez:

My girlfriend has a scar at her shin aswell... and it looks exactly like yours :)

(if it is a scar there on the second pic +gg+).

nice look btw., it's a shame that i dont have convertible pants, to bring this look to my lil town :)

commentson 14 May 2003 : 10:06, Damanda sez: THAT's more like the old links!

Don't forget that Thursday is the full lunar eclipse. (8:16 pm) I will climb somewhere above Hollywood Boulevard and point my face at the sky. Griffith Park is an excellent place, but it closes at dark so you may have to pull of a Mission Impossible escapade to watch it from there I am leaving work early and perching myself at the top of Runyon Canyon, I think....that is if these clouds go away....

commentson 14 May 2003 : 13:19, Erika sez:

right on...@ first i though justin was wearing a midriff top...that would have been rad

has anyone seen x-men
? i love the way the "universal theme" is approached in either fanatasy or sci-fi movies...

commentson 14 May 2003 : 18:22, brent sez:

Omigod! Have I been away for a while or what? I can post my own comments here now? For my grandchildren to see and such? Anyway, I have been thinking a lot about some of these things too. Recently, my brother and both my sisters were in town while we spent a couple of weeks remodeling my parents' new house. We spent several days stripping old wallpaper off the wall, for example. During that time, my brother fell in love with his scraping tool. "This is the best scraping tool possible! I LOVE this scraper!". I think all of us have a tendancy to fall in love with, or become attached to the things we are involved with regularly. Or even just with the things around us. I do not think this is a healthy way to be. I think if you become too attached to things and to your ideas that you might find yourself unable to relate to the little 'non-spaceous' people. On the other hand, you might become so super-focussed and obsessed with your life that you accomplish more than others. Mainly I think we should strive to choose love over meaningfulness. If we just do the little things that make others' lives easier, then we don't need to worry about the glittery spirit truth hands that our egos cherish.

commentson 15 May 2003 : 19:50, Gen Kanai sez:

Damn! Now I'm totally jonesing for that amazing garlic chicken at Versailles. I usually went to the one in Venice.

There are many things that I miss about LA and great Cuban food at Versailles is one.

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