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commentson 12 May 2003 : 17:57, Sarah sez:

Have you ever studied the different passive/active behaviors of people who grew up during the tv age, with video games and without? I've always wanted to do that.

People growing up mainly with television grew up on a passive activity, and it might affect their behavior in adulthood.

People who grew up with video games might be much more active people in general, choosing generally active ... activities instead of passive ones.

Just a theory of mine. No way of testing it from my little keyboard. :\

commentson 13 May 2003 : 07:12, Keith sez:

Hi Justin,
Have you given any thought to doing an article on a parents perspective on video games. Example how a parent may use a video game to keep there children occupied during a long car ride, or even interact with their children by playing video games with them?? Just a thought. Myself being a parent have been through a lot of "game situations" with 2 of my 3 children.

commentson 4 November 2003 : 12:26, Cais Jurgens sez:

I played video games all my life and it is still my life. I like giving it up the butt. There's an active activity for ya.

commentson 29 November 2003 : 23:04, jordan chavez sez:

hey justin,
im doing a research paper on the effects of video(PC to be precise) games on people, to the point that these games promote computer literacy. I mean, if you ever noticed, most people who play pc games like rpg's, strategies etc.. know more about PC's than people who don't. Can u mail me possible sources in the net or something like that? thanks so much..

commentson 23 March 2004 : 03:48, Amine sez:

I'm writing an essay on positive effects of video games on gamers. Can you help me get some sources ?

commentson 30 April 2004 : 14:27, BlackmageAp sez:

I need the same stuff as the guy above me if that's alright.

commentson 17 May 2004 : 06:50, Orion sez:

As you probably know kids mite play up to 4 hours and you keep telling them that they can only play for 1 hour, but of coarse they are addicted to it so they play for more fun an entertainment instead of doing other things. Like most people, you would buy the violent, innocent killing, and gore type games, but do they know that it could completely change their personality? Well I didnít until I started to notice I was more aggressive, badly behaving, and I couldnít see 20/20 vision any more, because I played too much of the games. Thatís the bad side, but the good side of it is that I can understand how to deal with electronics, technology, and how to fix or build stuff instead of going to the electronic store to fix it. (So it lags off a few bucks!) Younger you are when you play violent games the more it could change your personality. So there is a lot to games then people think. And i'm glad I can help others know bad things about stuff so that they don't do it.

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