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commentson 10 May 2003 : 19:31, chris sez:


commentson 10 May 2003 : 21:54, Fleischman sez:

Hmmm, funny that you should mention e-mail and spam here just when I was looking for an answer to a rather perplexing issue. I have noticed that when I click on someone's e-mail address link on web pages that my e-mail program adds /start to the end of their address. I read somewhere that this is to prevent spamming. It's beginning to annoying me however. Anyone else encounter this?

commentson 11 May 2003 : 01:11, shady sez:

adding or deleting anything in the email address isn't going to help. most good spam killers scan the email for words or phrases that are typical of spam, and label them appropriately.

if your ISP/webhosting company allows viruses or ANY spam through, you are wasting your money. the webhosting company i run receives nearly no spam. it really depends on your sysadmin as opposed to the end user.


commentson 11 May 2003 : 02:01, nimrod sez:

i suck, i get ~20 mails of spam per day and 1-2 mails i really read.
and i'm not gonna do anything about it. pressing [del] 20 times doesn't take too much time.

commentson 11 May 2003 : 06:21, Mike Mc sez:

Funny you should mention that. I now get porn spammed to me. I've just written about it here.

Any easy ways to stop it?

commentson 11 May 2003 : 19:43, Strob sez:

Just try Spam Inspector. It uses key words and it autoupdates its keaywords bank to filter unwanted emails.

commentson 12 May 2003 : 06:53, Brandon Marchand sez:

Spam suck, but it is nice to know when your email doesn't work. Chalk one up for SPAM!


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