Comments on Frog Tongue
commentson 8 May 2003 : 07:51, mike sez:

Gosh, I sure hope you feel better.

commentson 8 May 2003 : 09:03, Brandon Marchand sez:

Wow, that picture almsot made me gag. Nice!


commentson 8 May 2003 : 14:31, ph sez:

hmm. i think you have a chlamydia infection on yr tongue.

commentson 8 May 2003 : 18:04, Robert Moses sez:

Perhaps Justin could show his sphincter also, so we could see if there is any infection up there.

commentson 8 May 2003 : 20:09, Fleischman sez:

I'll pass on the sphincter photo, thanks.

commentson 8 May 2003 : 22:34, derek sez:

Indeed, you have a rather large tongue. Gene Simmons genetics perhaps.

commentson 9 May 2003 : 07:32, Sugah sez:

The best part is that in the large image, you can see Justin's nosehairs glistening in the sunlight.

commentson 9 May 2003 : 09:43, Brandon Marchand sez:

Yeah -- the nosehairs are a nice touch. I used to trim mine -- but they grow too damn fast!

commentson 9 May 2003 : 11:22, qualler sez:

i think a strict regimen of vitamin c (a la andrew weil) and echinacea is necessary to squelch these colds.

commentson 9 May 2003 : 17:26, Fleischman sez:

Yeah, you do seem to get sick a lot. What's the deal?

commentson 12 May 2003 : 16:16, Phil Scroggs sez:

I hope it's not SARS. I thought the photo was just for you to show us how long your tongue is. Damn! But, now I see that it's a frog tongue.

commentson 15 May 2003 : 18:38, corbett sez:

I've also been taking some weird Chinese medicine lately. It's supposed to build up my chi. At least my tongue isn't green...

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