Comments on the internet becomes more tangible
commentson 28 April 2003 : 13:59, Chria sez:

I wish my family was as computer savvy. I had instance where my dad wanted to send me a web page. He printed the page, scanned it, then emailed me the attachment. He has since taken to calling me, although I am 1600 miles away, for all of his computer problems. I try to explain RAM, operating systems, whatever the problem maybe. His response to the situation is always, Oh boy.

commentson 28 April 2003 : 14:13, Chris sez:

Apparently the apple doesn't fall to far from the tree. I mistyped my name. You can all refer to me as chria from now on.

commentson 28 April 2003 : 20:13, prema sez:

Google is the fastest one-stop spell check. The only bone I could pick with it is that more often than not - it's American spelling ;)

commentson 29 April 2003 : 09:27, Damanda sez:

am i insane or was there a roger ebert interview link here yesterday?

commentson 29 April 2003 : 09:36, mike sez: is also good for spell checks and definitions.

commentson 29 April 2003 : 13:44, Damanda sez:

oops...that was the bud.

commentson 30 April 2003 : 08:58, toph sez:


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