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commentson 24 April 2003 : 04:49, Gen Kanai sez:

Outlook? Have you tried Eudora? I'm not using 5.2 but my 4.xx version is pretty darn awesome. That there is no easy way for me to go from Eudora-Win to Eudora-OSX is the main reason I havent switched yet. Plus I really like the looks/specs of that new IBM T40 Banias notebook...

commentson 24 April 2003 : 09:31, Chris sez:

Justin, thanks for making me laugh this morning. Damn I needed that.

commentson 24 April 2003 : 15:09, arfo sez:

Eudora used to be great but I can't click the delete button fast with 4 and 5. For some reason it can't accept any fast input so it takes a whooole second or two for me to delete a message.

commentson 25 April 2003 : 05:33, Ethan sez:

We used Eudora at Swarthmore. That start-up screen must really work, because nine years later I still remember that Steve Dorner wrote it...(maybe my old Mac was just really slow). Now I use an ancient version of Groupwise- not recommended.

commentson 26 April 2003 : 15:31, Antoin O Lachtnain sez:

Have you let your mailbox grow too full? I'll bet you don't carefully categorise your incoming email into neat boxes, do you?

commentson 27 April 2003 : 06:30, shady sez:

i use mozilla to browse the web, and the mailer that comes with it is top-notch.

commentson 27 April 2003 : 19:33, nimrod sez:

hrhrhr, nice one Justin :)

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commentson 17 December 2003 : 12:24, Brent sez:


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